USB3.2 Gen1 Tx & Rx Test Fixtures for non-Type-C™ products – FULL Bundle


The USB-IF Electrical Compliance Test Specification Enhanced SuperSpeed Universal Serial Bus defines how to measure the USB3.2 Gen1 electrical characteristics. Within these measurements it is important to use USB-IF approved Test Fixtures. This USB3.2 Gen1 Fixture Bundle for non-Type-C™ products includes all fixtures and USB cable assembly types to measure and characterise the USB3.2Gen1 Tx/ Rx PHY Electrical Characteristics.

More details of the Test Topologies can be found here.

For test and measurement equipment use USB-IF approved equipment.


The fixture bundle (item code: FS-USB32Tx-Rx) includes the following 7 test fixtures, 3 USB Cable Assembly types and 5V power supply:

Calibration Fixture

Host Measurement Fixture

Device Measurement Fixture

Host Loss Fixture (5″ PCB trace)

Device Loss Fixture (11″ PCB trace)

Host Short Channel Fixture

Device Short Channel Fixture

USB3 Gen1 3m A to B Cable
USB3 Gen1 1m A to B Cable

USB3 Gen1 15cm A to B Cable

External Type-C power supply with captive cable

The following tests can be performed:

  • TD.1.1 Low Frequency Periodic Signaling TX Test
  • TD.1.2 Low Frequency Periodic Signaling RX Test
  • TD.1.3 Transmitted Eye Test at 5 GT/s
  • TD.1.4 Transmitted Eye Test at 10 GT/s
  • TD.1.5 Transmit Equalization Test at 10 GT/s
  • TD.1.6 Transmitted SSC Profile Test at 5 GT/s
  • TD.1.7 Transmitted SSC Profile Test at 10 GT/s
  • TD.1.8 Receiver Jitter Tolerance Test at 5 GT/s

More details of the Test Topologies can be found here.