About Us

Fixture Solution focuses on the development of interface solutions and test fixtures for different technologies and newly innovative solutions. The Fixture Solution products and services allow vendors to characterize the electrical characteristics of a product or to interface with specific measurement equipment e.g. signal analysers; protocol analysers and exerciser which is required to make specific interface equipment available that is having a minimal influence on the electrical signal being transmitted or received by the product to be tested and to be acquired; characterized or validated.

When you require a specific interface solution the Fixture Solution engineers; having years experience in official high speed certification testing; will closely co-operate with you to outline the needed interface requirements and work towards a solution that exactly fulfills your need.

Beside vendor specific interface solutions and standardized test fixtures; Fixture Solution also makes available test fixtures standardized by a consortium or alliance. The range of test fixtures varies from validation fixtures to Fixture Solution test fixtures officially recognized by the respective consortium or alliance and mandatory to be used for the respective and official certification test.