FS-HUCR USB2.0 Type-C High Speed Signal Quality Test Fixture (Receptacle)


USB-IF approved multi purpose Test Fixture for USB 2.0 High, Full and Low Speed EYE diagram, Inrush, Chirp, Packet Parameter, Test_J/K/SE0_Nak and debug for Type-C products. Can be used by any brand of oscilloscope with enough bandwidth such as Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Keysight / Agilent, Teledyne Lecroy, Yokogawa, …

Not forget the to order the required cable bundle and SMA cables.


The USB Type-C High Speed Signal Quality Test Fixture is used to measure the USB2.0 High Speed Signal Quality for upstream and downstream ports of USB Devices, Host and Hubs.

  • Characterization and validation of all USB2.0 electrical compliance characteristics
    • Device, Hub, Host Hi-Speed Signal Quality Test (EL_2, EL_3, EL_4, EL_5, EL_6, EL_7)
    • Device, Hub, Host Packet Parameters (EL_21, EL_22, EL_23, EL_25)
    • Device, Hub, Host CHIRP Timing (EL_28, EL_29, EL_31, EL_33, EL_34, EL_35)
    • Device, Hub, Host Suspend/Resume/Reset Timing (EL_27, EL_28, EL_38, EL_39, EL_40, EL_41)
    • Device, Hub, Host Test J/K, SE0_NAK (EL_8, EL_9)
    • Hub Sync Truncation (EL_42, EL_43)
    • Hub EOP Dribble (EL_44, EL_45)
    • Hub Jitter (EL_46, EL_47)
    • Hub Delay (EL_48)
    • Host SOF (EL_55)
    • Device, Hub, Host Full Speed Signal Quality
    • Device, Hub Inrush Current under Unattached, 3A, 1.5A and Default mode
    • Device, Cable, Host and Hub DCR measurement
  • CC1/CC2 DIP Switch selection Rp default, 3A and 1.5A; Rd and Ra.
  • Characterization and validation of the USB VBus lines
  • Characterization and validation of the USB CC1 lines
  • Characterization and validation of the USB CC2/ Vconn lines
  • Characterization and validation of the USB SBU lines
  • Measure the Vbus voltage
  • Power your device externally over Vbus
    • For debug purpose
    • Keep the firmware loaded when running USBCV (e.g. Cypress FX2 or FX3)
  • Allows the easy validation if your USB3.x device falls back to mandatory USB2.0 legacy high speed operation

This fixture is USB-IF approved!

Not forget to order the required USB cable set and SMA cables.

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