USB 3.1 Vbus Breakout


The following test can be performed with the USB 3.1 Vbus breakout fixture:

  • USB 2.0 Low, Full, High Speed power consumption
    • Unconfigured current
    • Configured current
    • Active current
    • Powered suspend current
    • Suspend current
  • USB 3.1
    • U1 current
    • U2 current
    • U3 current
  • USB Power delivery
  • USB Vbus drop
  • USB Vbus droop
  • External power device over Vbus (required for re-enumerating devices using cypress FX2 / FX3 silicon)


The following tests can be performed:

  • All sort of USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 power consumption tests.
  • Measure the Vbus voltage
  • Power your device externally over Vbus
    • For debug purpose
    • Keep the firmware loaded when running USBCV (e.g. Cypress FX2 or FX3)

Beside the Vbus breakout it’s also required to have the appropriate cables and the cables between the host and device as short as possible to avoid signal integrity losses.