GRL-USB-PD-A1-EPR Type-C™ Power Delivery Analyzer & Power Meter


The USB Power Delivery Analyzer “A1-EPR” is a monitoring device that measures the VBUS voltage and current consumption of a USB Type-C ™ device. CC (CC1 / CC2) voltage, VCONN voltage and power consumption can also be measured. You can also monitor PD packets between USB Power Delivery devices. Different to the A1, the A1-EPR also support Extended Power Range up to 240W.


Similar to the GRL-USB-PD-A1 the GRL-USB-A1-EPR is a Power Delivery protocol analyzer and Power Meter up to 240W is a helpful and unique tool that supports protocol analysis of the USB Type-C Power Delivery standard with support of the Extended Power Range (EPR) and can real time measure the voltage levels; current draws and related Power Consumption in parallel. The A1-EPR is connected between two USB Type-C capable devices and allows to analyze voltage and current information of the USB Type-C device The Power Delivery messages transmitted and received between the USB Power Delivery Sink and Source are captured and visually represented for in-depth analysis.

Key Features

  • Allows you to monitor PD packets used for negotiation between USB Power Delivery (PD) devices.
  • Support Extended Power Range (EPR) with power up to 240W
  • Message decoding of ALT mode negotiation as VDM data like for DisplayPort, HDMI, ThunderBolt, MHL, …
  • Change CC to set Rp, Rd, Ra on CC1 and CC2 to emulate a source or sink
  • View in real time USB PD protocol in correlation with Vbus, Current and CC
  • Perform round-the-clock testing where trace files are continuously and automatically saved
  • Trace files can be opened and analyzed by anyone using free trace viewing software
  • Find and filter options in PD messages
  • Can go 20% above the upper limit to verify over current events
  • Supports charging analysis of different specifications for Qualcomm Quick Charge, Huawei Super Charge, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge, Mediatek Pump Express™, OnePlus Dash Charge, and more.
  • Include a USB2.0 µB – A cable

Advantages compared to other solutions

  • High resolution on voltage and current with 1ms time resolution
  • Calibration option to have an accurate voltage and current value
  • PD message correlate to the Vbus graph
  • Full PD decoding
  • Analyze both CC1 and CC2
  • Change CC to set Rp, Rd, Ra on CC1 and CC2 to emulate a source or sink


  • Vbus Voltage range : 0V to 48V (Resolution 10mV)
  • Vbus Current range : 0A to 6.0A (Resolution 1mA)
  • CC1/CC2 Voltage range : 0V to 5.0V (Resolution 10mV)
  • CC1/ CC2 Current range : 0A to 1.2A (Resolution 1 mA)
  • Sampling cycle : About 1~1000milliseconds interval (Specifiable in application)

External Dimensions

  • External Dimensions : W8 X L61.6 X H8.3±0.2mm
  • Weight : 16g

Electrical Characteristics

  • Power Source : 5.0V ± 10%
  • Current consumption : 32mA (normal operating condition)

Environmental conditions

  • Operating temperature range : 5 ~ +40°C
  • Operating humidity range : 35 ~85%RH (no condensation)
  • Limited use of hazardous substances : REACH, RoHS

 PC Requirements

  • PC System with USB EHCI or xHCI controller
  • Operating System: OS : Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11(32bit/64bit)


Download software A1-EPR here