FS-HUCR-RX USB 2.0 Type-C High Speed Receiver Sensitivity Fixture


USB 2.0 High Speed device requires to perform receiver testing.
The USB 2.0 Type-C High Speed Electrical Receiver Sensitivity Fixture can be used for the following tests:
– 12 bit SYNC field test (EL_18)
– Receiver Sensitivity (EL_17)
– Squelch (EL_16)

Can be used by any brand of oscilloscope with enough bandwidth such as Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Keysight / Agilent, Teledyne Lecroy, Yokogawa, …

More details on USB 2.0 High Speed Receiver testing can be found here


Not forget to order the required USB cable set and SMA cables.

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