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Price: 750 Euro


  • USB-IF approved
  • All 11 USB2.0 High Speed Test Modes available
  • Ease of use test mode selection by ‘UP/ DOWN’ button
  • Test Mode gets initiated after selection by ‘ENTER’ button
  • Blinking LED indication when Test Mode is initiated
  • Operates in Bus Powered mode and Self Powered mode


The PIDVID is used to initiate test modes on High Speed downstream ports of USB Embedded Hosts.  In order to perform USB 2.0 High Speed electrical tests a High Speed product must support test modes as defined in section 7.1.20 of the USB 2.0 specification. The test modes being initiated by the PIDVID are mandatory to be implemented and allow you to validate the High Speed electrical compliance charistics of your Embedded Host and USB On-The-Go product.

The Methode Of Implementation (MOI) to run the USB Embedded Host compliance tests can be found here. (still in DRAFT) If you planning to buy the PIDVID visit our shop section. Please make sure that the Embedded Host OS is capable in entering the required test modes. For hosts that use linux OS use following patch that need to be unzipped and should work as old as 2.6.35. The patch should already be in kernel v3.6 and onwards.

Technical Specifications

Property Value
Test Modes Test_SE0_NAK; Test_J; Test_K; Test_PACKET; Reserved; SUSPEND RESUME; GET DEVICE DESC; GET DEVICE DESC DATA; Unknown device NOT support HNP; Unknown device support HNP; Test Device PID=0x0200
Current Consumption
Maximum Current  n.a.
Maximum Input Voltage  5.5V
 Connectivity Standard USB B-Receptacle
Dimensions (W x D x H)  10mm X 82mm X 1.55mm (0.39 X 3.23 X 0.06″)